Meet Our Donors

Dr. Thomasina R. StenhouseIt’s that intrinsic reward. It’s knowing in my heart of hearts that I’ve done something really good for future generations. That my time here was well spent. That I’m leaving...a footprint, a thumbprint, a legacy. That I’m leaving something for the people coming behind me.
–Dr. Thomasina R. Stenhouse


Bob and Margaret ZakWe have been blessed in a number of ways — a beautiful family, amazing friends, and good professions, to name a few. We have the time and we have the resources and we believe it is the responsibility of those who have been blessed, as we have been, to give back to their community.
–Bob and Margaret Zak


Jessica and Luis RodriguezWe both came from close-knit families that provided a strong support system and, thanks to investments made by others, benefited from opportunities along the way. Now, having built a successful business and with children of our own, it’s about investing in young people, recognizing and celebrating the richness of diversity, and creating a path within our community where all can thrive.
–Luis and Jessica Rodriguez

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